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A Guide to Diabetes and Your Feet 
Diabetes can affect you all the way from your head down to your toes. That’s right – we’re talking about your feet! When uncontrolled, high blood sugar levels can damage the nerves and blood vessels, leading to foot issues ranging from dry, cracked skin to infections. But don’t worry—understanding and addressing these risks through a … Read more
A person using Flexitol heel balm - fixing dry cracked heels - getting their feet ready for summer
Top 8 Fun Facts on Lip Care
Properly understanding lip care can help maintain smooth, soft lips. Lip care is crucial in skincare and beauty routines, you can blend science with your daily habits to maintain lip softness against all different environmental factors. Here’s a breakdown into the top 8 fun facts about lip care, providing essential knowledge for anyone looking to … Read more
Top fun facts on lip care - best lip balm from Flexitol

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Relieve, soothe and care for your skin with our specially formulated skincare ranges. Designed to address a wide variety of skin concerns from dryness to sensitive skin.

We are Flexitol

Flexitol is a range of effective and innovative foot and skincare products. Flexitol, now available in over forty countries worldwide, is one of the brands developed by LaCorium Health, in Australia. The success of the Flexitol brand is underpinned by quality. Our advanced formulations are balanced blends of only the highest quality ingredients.
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Our Reviews

amazon ca

It feels amazing! My skin has been so dry with this winter weather. It soaks right in!
Thank you! Thank you! Will definitely purchase and recommend!!!

Cynthia Hutchings, Missouri

A single application to my cracked, dry, itchy, chapped lips.
Finally this flexitol lip balm. Had a most perfect result.

Manon, Quebec

I was suffering with a swelling and itchy eyelid – I spotted this cream at a
Flexitol display in London Drugs, and decided to give it a try. Just shy of two weeks later,
the eyelid is no longer swollen, the dry skin is almost gone.

Naomi Williams, Alberta

I am amazed at how fast this works. I have tried several other products in addition to using
a foot file to soften my heels which had become hard and dry. This is the only product
that has truly worked. I have noticeda HUGE difference in my heels just after 2 days.

Wendy Beeson, California

This is amazing!! It should be a crime to work so well!!

Sharon L Ward, Pennsylvania

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