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Relieve, soothe and care for your skin with our specially formulated skincare ranges. Designed to address a wide variety of skin concerns from dryness to sensitive skin.

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Wow! Grateful is an understatement!!!
I’ve been battling eyelid, hand and elbow exczema for over 50 years and
have never had such wonderful relief so quickly or easily.
I noticed an overnight difference that was remarkable!!

Pamela, Ontario

I appreciate your products. I would like to thank you for your attention to my request
and congratulate you on the quality of your products.

Annie Lapalme, Quebec

Flexitol Heel Magic and I am extremely happy with the results I have gotten
in 2 weeks! My heels are beginning to look normal again!!

Patty Galea, Ontario

A single application to my cracked, dry, itchy, chapped lips. Finally this flexitol lip balm.
Had a most perfect result.

Manon, Quebec

All three of my kiddos have extremely bad eczema but especially my middle child.
We use all three Happy Little Bodies eczema products but especially the eczema
body wash/ shampoo and the relief cream.
We go through at minimum 2 bottles of each of the three products in a month

Amanda, Alberta

I was suffering with a swelling and itchy eyelid – I spotted this cream at a
Flexitol display in London Drugs, and decided to give it a try. Just shy of two weeks later,
the eyelid is no longer swollen, the dry skin is almost gone.

Naomi Williams, Alberta

I recommend your product to a lot of people, as I am a Foot care Nurse.
I have even asked our Wal-mart in Wallaceburg to please keep your product stocked.

Jackie Jeffs, Ontario

I came across your heel balm and tried and I’m blown away.
So I just wanted to share my positive review that this product made a difference for me.

Amna farooq, Alberta

The moment I put it on I knew it was different from all other eczema creams.
My itching went away upon the first application and over the course of days,
so did the redness…[This stuff is AMAZING!! I’m in awe over the results every day.
I can’t thank you enough for making/selling this amazing product!]

Jane, British Columbia