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A single application to my cracked, dry, itchy, chapped lips.

Finally this flexitol lip balm. Had a most perfect result.

Manon, Quebec

This has been a game changer!! I use it several times a day and have a tube
through out my house, in my purse, in my car. I’ve told my doctor about it,
so he can recommend it to patients with severe chapped lips.

Karen Mercer, Texas

I can not express enough how much this lip balm literally changed my life.
I’m on accutane and I could not smile, laugh, eat a sandhwich or remotely open my mouth
UNTIL I FOUND THIS PRODUCT. It is honestly like my lips are back to normal and
enduring these next 4 months will be a breeze thanks to THIS LIP BALM.

Ashlyn, Louisiana

I was suffering with a swelling and itchy eyelid – I spotted this cream at a Flexitol
display in London Drugs, and decided to give it a try. Just shy of two weeks later, the eyelid
is no longer swollen, the dry skin is almost gone, and I feel like an attractive human again.
Thank you for this product, thank you for keeping it at an affordable price.

Naomi Williams, Alberta

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